Privacy policy
In addition to providing information related to consumer products, Savitech places a high priority on your privacy. Therefore, we have established a Privacy Protection Statement. We kindly request that you read the following details regarding privacy protection thoroughly.
  1. Security of Personal Information
    Protecting our members' personal privacy is a critical operational principle at Savitech. Without the consent of our members, we will never provide their personal information to any third party unrelated to the services of our website. This includes any third party not in relation with our company and its affiliates, logistics channels, or those appointed by our company to process transactions. Members should properly safeguard their online passwords and personal information, and should never provide any personal data, especially their online passwords, to anyone. After using the various service functions provided by the Savitech website, it is important to remember to log out of your account. If you are sharing a computer with others or using a public computer, remember to close the browser window.
  2. Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Data
    1. Personal data obtained from Savitech-related websites is only used internally by Savitech, within the original stated purpose and scope. Unless previously stated or in accordance with relevant legal regulations, Savitech will not provide this data to any third party unrelated to the services of our website (including our company's affiliates, logistics channel providers, or those entrusted by our company to handle transactions), or use it for other purposes.
    2. Purpose of Collection:
      The purpose of data collection is to conduct marketing operations, consumer and customer management and services, online shopping and other e-commerce services, as well as surveys, statistics, and research analysis (Legal Category Numbers 040, 090, 148, 157). Savitech will collect personal data through the membership enrollment process or during the transaction process.
    3. Categories of Personal Data Collected:
      1. Personal Identification (Legal Category Number C001): Such as member's name, address, telephone, mobile phone, email, etc.
      2. Financial Identification (Legal Category Number C002): Such as credit card or financial institution account information.
      3. Personal Description (Legal Category Number C011): For example, gender, date of birth, etc.
      4. Lifestyle (Legal Category Number C036): For example, website usage behavior, website browsing paths, advertisement clicks, etc.
    4. Period, Area, Target, and Method of Use:
      1. Period: From the day the member provides personal data until the day the member requests to stop using the service or the day Savitech ceases to provide services.
    5. Target and method of use: Besides using the collected personal data for member management and customer management search functions, it will also be used for identity verification, cash flow services, logistics services, marketing, etc. Examples are as follows:
      1. Automatically display member information on the page when using various services provided by Savitech as a member.
      2. To execute transaction behavior: Necessary business for product delivery, service provision, payment, reply to customer inquiries, Savitech inquiries to members, related after-sales services, and other necessary activities to execute transactions when a member reserves, orders, purchases, participates in prize-giving activities, or engages in other transactions related to products or services.
      3. Advertising or marketing: Provide members with various e-magazines and other information, provide service-related information through emails, mail, phone calls, etc. Carry out personalization operations, service usage analysis, development of new services or improvement of existing services based on the content or advertisements viewed by the members, the purchase history of the customer, the browsing history of the Savitech website, etc. Contact the member regarding opinions on polls, events, message boards, or other service-related matters.
      4. Respond to customer inquiries: Respond to inquiries made by members through email, mail, fax, phone, or any other direct or indirect contact methods to Savitech.
        e. Other incidental matters: Uses necessary to provide services by Savitech incidental to the purposes of use mentioned in items a to d above.
      5. Providing information to individual service providers: When a member reserves, orders, purchases, participates in prize-giving activities, or applies for other transactions for goods or services provided by the service provider, Savitech may provide the member's personal data file to the service provider within the necessary scope of that transaction, and the service provider is responsible for managing that personal data file. Savitech will undertake the responsibility to protect members' privacy in processing personal data, but cannot guarantee that the third-party service provider will definitely comply.
      6. Other: When providing individual services, personal data may also be used for purposes other than those stated above. In this case, the gist will be stated on the web page of the individual service.
    6. Member's Rights Regarding Personal Data:
      The party whose personal data is collected by the Savitech Group may exercise the following rights against Savitech according to the Personal Data Protection Act:
      1. Request for access or review.
      2. Request for copies. However, Savitech may request the party to pay the necessary costs.
      3. Request for supplementation or correction. However, Savitech may request the party to provide appropriate explanation.
      4. Request to cease the collection, processing, or use. However, the party may lose membership, be unable to enjoy full services, or be unable to enjoy the services.
      5. Request for deletion. However, the party may lose membership, be unable to enjoy full services, or be unable to enjoy the services. Members wishing to exercise the above rights can leave a contact message Privacy Policy 4 with the official Savitech email. Please note! You are free to choose whether or not to provide personal information, but if you refuse to provide the necessary information for joining as a member, you may be unable to register as a member, unable to enjoy full services, or completely unable to use the service.
  3. Data Security
    To protect the privacy and security of our members, Savitech's member account information is protected by a password. Savitech also strives to safeguard all personal data with reasonable technology and procedures.
  4. Method of Personal Data Inquiry or Correction
    When members need to access, view, duplicate, supplement or correct their personal data, or to cease the computer processing and utilization, or deletion of their personal data, they can contact the Customer Service Center. Savitech will promptly handle the request.
  5. Cookies and Other Technologies
    1. Cookies are brief information written into the user's hard drive by the server through the browser in order to distinguish different users. Savitech uses Cookies through the third-party tool Google Analytics to understand the way consumers interact with Savitech (including the number of visits, time, geographical location, etc. of consumers), allowing Savitech to evaluate the attractiveness of website content to consumers and improve operational effectiveness. Google Analytics collects consumer information in an anonymous way, reporting website trends to Savitech without revealing individual consumer identities. For information about Google Analytics' privacy policy and how to refuse to disclose information to Google Analytics, consumers can directly visit the Google Analytics privacy policy web page for understanding.
    2. In the marketing message emails sent by Savitech, the technology of "URLs to the website" is used, which can link to target web page content. When a consumer clicks on one of these URLs, before arriving at the target web page, they will first go through another web server. Savitech tracks this click data to help determine consumer interest in a specific marketing theme and measure communication benefits for consumers. If consumers do not wish to be tracked in this way, please do not click on the text or graphic links in the marketing message emails.
  6. Personal Data Breach Notification Mechanism
    In order to mitigate the damage to consumers caused by data breaches, Savitech has developed a personal data breach notification mechanism, referring to the content of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The details are as follows:
    1. A personal data breach refers to 'the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, access to, data transmission, storage, or other processing due to a breach of security' of personal data. This includes breaches of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
    2. When a personal data breach is discovered or brought to the attention of the company, we will notify the information security personnel to investigate the data breach within 24 hours. The company will also promptly adjust its security measures to prevent further breaches.
    3. Once the cause and extent of the damage from the data breach have been investigated, the company will notify the affected consumers about the results. This allows consumers to take immediate action and prevent further damage.
    4. After a data breach, the Savitech Group will re-evaluate the company's personal data handling processes and conduct a comprehensive audit of personal data. This is to review and improve the company's information security system to prevent similar personal data breaches from happening again.
  7. Revision of Privacy Policy
    In response to changes in the market environment, our company will periodically revise our website policies. If members have any questions about Savitech's website privacy statement or matters related to personal data, they can contact Savitech's official email customer service.
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