1. COOKIE Usage Method
    We access Cookies (including third-party Cookies) to provide you with the best online experience and tailor content to your personal interests. Based on your browser settings, this website may access Cookies, and this operation will only be performed if you agree in the settings. If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, or want to learn more about the access to Cookies, please click on "Settings".
  2. Analytical and Marketing COOKIES
    If you do not revoke your consent, in addition to processing personal data, we will also store and read information on your terminal device under the following circumstances:
    1. Presenting you with relevant advertisements, content, or web materials.
    2. Developing online advertising based on information you may be interested in.
    3. Preventing you from encountering the same advertisements repeatedly.
    4. Providing you with a more personalized user experience.
    5. Analytical and marketing Cookies can help us more fully understand your behavior on our website and provide you with more personalized website content.
    Therefore, we will collect information about your activities on our website and combine it into an interest profile based on the Cookie ID. This profile ensures that we can provide you with relevant content and product information. Moreover, Cookies will use the collected information to limit the number of product information to avoid repetition.

    Analytical and Marketing Cookies, including those provided by third-party vendors, referred to as third-party Cookies, will be placed on our website with your consent. These Cookies are typically independently controlled by cooperative vendors. Hence, when you agree to our access to Cookies, you are not only consenting to our use, but also to the use of these third-party vendors. For further information about Cookies and the vendors that control these Cookies, please refer to the Cookies 2 Cookie Policy page, including all integrated data processing conducted by third- party vendors (e.g., tags, scripts, pixels).

    If you have separately consented to the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes, including the creation of user profiles, such as in the consent statement upon entering the website or after logging in, then the data in the interest profile will also be used for this purpose. The aforementioned data sharing can link the Cookie ID with the customer profile you have when logging into the website.
In the following sections, we will explain the purposes of using Cookies and similar technologies on the website. We also provide you with opportunities to modify or withdraw your consent at any time.
    Cookies and web storage technologies such as local storage and session storage, collectively referred to as "cookies", make it easier for you to interact with our website. As long as you visit our website, your internet browser will download cookies to your terminal device, such as a small text file. Third-party technologies, such as scripts, pixels, and tags, are integrated into our website for advertising purposes and will also install cookies on your terminal device. In the following sections, we will explain to you the purposes for which we use these technologies and how you can adjust the settings according to your needs.
  2. Purposes of Cookie Usage
    Cookies serve multiple purposes, contributing to the realization of a seamless and interactive online experience. To achieve this, it is necessary to consistently use the same terminal device and browser. Certain specific cookies are essential for the operation of our website, as cookies help us to:

    Provide services to you based on your preferences at any given time.
    • Offer you specific and relevant information.
      Deliver a seamless and comfortable online experience.
  3. Identify and Respond
    • Guide you to the most important pages in a more efficient way, providing you with Cookies 3 a more personalized experience
    • Remember some of your personal preferences
    • Direct you to find useful content or pages
  4. Continuous Improvement
    Cookies help us understand the way visitors browse our website, ensuring that we can make any necessary improvements. For instance, cookies can analyze popular content and create similar topics relevant to visitors. Conversely, this helps us to:
    • Improve the design of our website, providing you with a better online experience
    • Try to present the most relevant content to visitors in different ways
  5. Advertising and Remarketing
    Our website may use Cookies for remarketing. This means that Cookies will access information from your browsing history to track your interests and activities on our website. This helps us or our advertising partners to:
    • Market our products on other websites after you have visited our site
    • Combine relevant and specific information to make the presented advertisements more in line with your interests
Cookie Categories
Data processing and related Cookies may be deployed on our website. Based on functionality and purpose, we categorize data processing into different categories. The intended use for each category is described on this page, and your consent to the above categories of Cookies can also be modified here. Each category lists all relevant data processing (if any), as well as the Cookies typically used for said data processing. Please find more information about each Cookie category in the "Modifications and Details" at the beginning of this page.
What do you need to know about COOKIES?
Cookies support a better and faster online experience. A Cookie is a small text file that stores internet settings. Almost all websites use Cookies. When you visit a website for the first time, your internet browser will download Cookies. The next time you visit the site with the same device, the site will recognize you and display content relevant to your personal needs and interests. The Cookies mentioned below are the same as HTML5 session web storage and HTML5 local web storage.
  1. First-party Cookies
    First-party Cookies are Cookies that we or our contracted service providers place on the website, with which you will interact if you continue to use our site.
  2. Third-party Cookies
    Our website may also contain content from other providers (third-party providers) who may use their own Cookies. Third-party providers may place Cookies when you visit our site to request information such as "whether you have loaded one of our sites". Please visit the third-party provider's website for more information about their use of Cookies. In the details list under "Modifications and Details", you will find information about third-party providers and references in their data privacy statements. You can refuse Cookies from third-party providers at any time using the corresponding function on our website. When refusing all third-party Cookies, we only provide functions on our website that can be used without such Cookies. In this case, our website has integrated parts of third-party content - you will not be able to use these if they require the placement of third-party Cookies. You will receive a notification. If you still want to access content that is not available on the site, you need to agree to the use of analytical and marketing Cookies. Please use the corresponding function on our website to agree or revoke your consent. For more information about integrated third-party data processing (such as tags, scripts, pixels), please refer to the Cookies list.
  3. Rejecting Cookies
    When you refuse Cookies that require your consent, we will formally accept your decision and stop placing the relevant Cookies. If you revoke your consent to Cookies, we will stop placing consent-required Cookies from the moment you visit the next page. Where technically feasible, we will delete any first-party Cookies. Of course, you can refuse to use analytical and marketing Cookies. However, this will prevent us from understanding what you like or dislike about our website and making any necessary improvements. Please note that we cannot delete third-party Cookies. If you want to delete all third-party Cookies, please go into your browser settings. We also want to let you know that revoking consent to Cookies will not result in fewer advertisements. On the contrary, this means that the advertisements presented are not tailored to your personal needs.
  4. Managing COOKIES in the Browser
    You can manage your Cookie settings through the above functions on our website or by changing your browser settings (enable, disable, and delete). Most browsers allow you to manage Cookies by accepting or rejecting all Cookies. Visit the help section of your browser to learn more about managing and deleting Cookies. When changing Cookie settings, some Cookies may be blocked. In this case, you may not be able to fully use some features on our website. We may also not be able to provide you with some content that you have previously browsed or used.
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